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2 steps are required to have a healthy back in as little as 15 minutes. But what are they?


Step 1:

First and foremost to a healthy back is keeping your spine communicating by having your nervous system function properly through spinal manipulation, this can be accomplished by chiropractic treatment.  You see your nervous system runs everything in your body.  The nervous system tells your joints and muscles what to do.  If your nervous system does not function right then no amount of exercise can help you.  Once step one is completed you can move to step2.


I know I should exercise but I don’t have the time , who has hours to work out each week?


Guess what you don’t need more than 15 minutes just 2-3 times per week for a healthy back!

What kind of exercise can I do in 15 minutes just 2-3 times per week that can make my back healthy?


Kettlbell Exercises

Kettlbell Exercises

The answer are kettlebells.

Step2.  Get some kettlebells.  Kettlebells  exercises that involve multiple groups of muscles and train your body to function the way your body actually works.  It is called dynamic functional exercise because you will use multiple groups of muscles when exercising with kettlebells.  Recent research has indicated that the hip joint and gluteal muscles (buttock muscles) are cause a lot of back pain when they are not functioning correctly.  Doing kettlebell exercises helps to correct those dysfunctional patterns.  Basically they help unlock your hips and pelvis and stretch tight hamstring muscles allowing your back to be healthy.  Four recommended exercises are the two hand swing, one hand swing, shoulder press and squat. These can be done in 15 minutes time these exercises can be found on you tube or google .  It should be noted that kettlebell exercises are both strength training and cardiovascular(good for the heart). Kettlebells are like a little home gym and most people will need only 1-2 kettlebells for a good workout.

Get off that couch and start swinging a kettlebell.


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