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Harrisburg Chiropractor Reviews

Read What Our Patients Have to Say About Us

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of ChiroPlus of Locust Lane patient reviews below and please contact our Harrisburg chiropractic office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Randy Frederick

  • Looking forward to my next visit

    - Antonia M.
  • Extremely good job working with my needs and expectations. Extraordinarily thorough.

    - Patti L.

Automobile Accident

Delana F.

Delana F.

On August 25, 2003, I was in an automobile accident. As I was going through a green light the other car turned right on a red light and hit the front passenger side of my mini van. I had experienced some back pain at the time and went to my family doctor. Through the first couple of visits, I was given anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers and pain medicine. I started having occasional pain in the back of my right thigh. I went through six weeks of physical therapy, which helped my back feel better, however the pain in my leg increased and I started having some numbness and tingling in my foot as well. My doctor sent me for x-rays, which showed spasms.Show More

My doctor then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon who sent me for an MRI. The MRI didn’t show any problems so they sent me to a neurologist to get a nerve conductive study. The nerve conductive study showed no nerve damage – which was good but still didn’t explain why I was having pain in my leg every 3-5 minutes and having occasional numbness and tingling in my foot. After 10 months of pain every 3-5 minutes in my leg and averaging two hours of sleep a night I decided to see if Dr. Frederick at ChiroPlus of Locust Lane could help. Within the first two weeks, I started getting some more sleep. Within a month I was getting a full night sleep and the pain in my leg was decreasing. It has now been 14 months since the accident and I don’t get the pain in my leg anymore. Thank you to Dr. Frederick and ChiroPlus of Locust Lane for helping me to get better, otherwise I would still be getting two hours of sleep and having pain every 3-5 minutes in my leg.

Neck Pain

Ginger H.

Ginger H.

Just a note to express my appreciation for your top quality care and attention to my back/neck pain over the last three months. When I first came to see you, I couldn’t walk, sit, or lie down without pain.

Thanks to your persistent and professional treatments, I am able to resume my exercises and daily activities. I shoveled snow this week without having to go to bed with an ice pack for three days. I enjoy coming to my appointments knowing the staff is there to greet me with their pleasant, caring attitudes and smiles.

Acid Reflux

Pam B.

Pam B.

I came to Dr. Frederick in May of 2003. I couldn’t walk or even bend over I was in severe pain. At the time I didn’t realize that by coming to ChiroPlus of Locust Lane that a few of the health problems I have been having besides the back problems were all from my nerves in my back sending the wrong signals. I have been suffering from Chronic Acid Reflux disease since my teen years, keeping my awake at night and the pain was horrible. I also had pain and a burning sensation in my right arm for several years.Show More

Believe it or not, a few months after being treated here at ChiroPlus of Locust Lane the pain is gone! It hasn’t returned at all! I just think that if you follow what Dr. Frederick suggests for you, and make sure you make your appointments, you will feel better and make progress. I want to that the staff at ChiroPlus for being so patient with me, especially when I was cranky the first few months with the pain I was having, Thank you!


Lori F.

Lori F.

I have suffered with migraines since I was about 14 years old. They became unbearable when I was 38. I have taken just about every type of medicine there is available. I went as far as having 20-30- Botox injections in my head and shoulders, four times a year but the headaches kept coming. I also been involved in several car accidents when I was younger which had caused my neck to be very tight.Show More

I felt daily like I was in the “on position” and that any moment I could get a headache. I was just waiting for the right trigger. Whether it was lights, weather, smells, lack of sleep, lack of eating, your name it I have them all. My church had a health fare and Dr. Frederick’s office had a display. I read the literature on the triggerpoint massage and found myself drawn to find out if he could help me.

I was skeptical because I had gone to a chiropractor before and I did not seem to get much relief. Well, HAPPILY, I am now coming for maintenance treatments and I have greatly reduced my headaches and I am now in the “off position”. My complete nervous system has relaxed and is where it should be. I no longer carry my head on my shoulders and I have better posture.

The girls at the office are so kind and friendly and Dr. Frederick truly wants each and every one of us in pain and hurting to get well. What more could one ask for when treating a health issue? Nothing!

Thanks Dr. Frederick for helping me to be the healthiest I can be!

Mid Back and Hip Pain

Bud C.

Bud C.

For several days I experienced constant sharp pain between my shoulder blades, forcing me to go to my doctor on a Friday. While she was giving me a physical, she asked if I had ever been to a chiropractor. I told her I hadn’t because I did not believe in chiropractic medicine. She suggested I try a visit. When my physical was finished, she gave me medication for the pain. I took the medication all weekend; however, the pain still persisted.Show More

On Monday evening I had an appointment with Dr. Frederick at ChiroPlus of Locust Lane. When he adjusted my back between the shoulder blades, I briefly “saw stars”, but then the pain was gone! I could not believe that the pain I had endured for a week disappeared so quickly. Needless to say, I finished my scheduled treatments.

On one of my monthly visits, I mentioned to Dr. Frederick that I was feeling pain in my right hip, still the skeptic. Once again, with just one adjustment the pain vanished!

Lower Back Injury

Mike S.

Mike S.

About 5 years ago, I suffered a lower back injury while playing college football. At the time I did receive chiropractic care to simply get by and continue playing, but I never really recovered. Over the last few years I had problems with my lower back, and did visit about a half dozen chiropractors in and around the area, but again the problem persisted. Why? Was it the chiropractors’ fault? No. The only way to recover from this injury, as with any other ailment in the chiropractic field, is to complete a full care plan as outlined by your chiropractor.Show More

I wasn’t willing to fulfill that commitment and that is the reason why I continued to “spin my wheels’ so to speak. It was none of the other professionals I saw for treatment, it is simply that I didn’t follow through. Think of it as reading half of a book. What’s the point? You never get the whole story unless you read the entire book.

Now, since I’ve been out of college athletics for a few years, I decided it was time to compete again. I’ve always had a love for weightlifting, so I decided to do it competitively. But before I could go down that road, I had to get my back healthy again and ready to be pushed to the limit without getting injured.

So, I decided to visit Dr. Frederick and set up a care program. Now I was willing to visit 3 times per week for a month, then every other week or so to get better, and that’s exactly what happened. Over the months of March and April my back, among other things I’d had problems with, began to feel better than it had in the last 5 years. I entered my competition in late May, won my weight class, set a state record, and most of all achieved my goals. Thanks to chiropractic care and Dr. Frederick’s expertise, I was able to do my very best.

Now it’s time to train for the next meet!

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