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Harrisburg's Most Popular Form of Exercise

It’s not the treadmill, yoga, Pilates or swimming. It’s walking. Not only is walking free, but you don’t need any special equipment, fancy workout clothes or club membership to do it.

The physical and psychological health benefits of walking are well known:

• Reduced risk of disease – Research suggests that walking could help reduce the incidence of cancer, stroke, heart disease and diabetes, the more common lifestyle-induced diseases that we face.

• Increased longevity – Not only is walking enjoyable, but it may increase your lifespan while improving your vitality and quality of life.

• Weight loss or maintenance – Unlike the impact to your ankles, knees and hips that often occur from jogging, walking can burn calories with less physical stress to our bodies. That makes walking a terrific form of exercise for people of all ages.

• Improved sleep – Nothing like a brisk walk through the nature center trails at Wildwood Park or Boyd Big Tree Preserve to make getting (and staying) asleep easier.

• Stronger bones – Walking has been shown to enhance bone strength, improving balance and reducing the chance of falls and factures among seniors.

• Reduced incidence of depression – Research shows that a simple exercise like walking can improve mood and reduce the need for antidepressants and similar medications. Plus, the only side effects of walking are positive effects!

Those are all excellent reasons to break out your sneakers and start walking.

Before you do, be sure to swing by for a chiropractic checkup. The last thing you want to do is exercise malfunctioning spinal joints and put needless wear and tear on your spine and nervous system. Virtually any exercise program, whether to improve your cardiovascular health or to shed unwanted weight, can benefit by including regular chiropractic care. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today. (717) 545-6063

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