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Headaches: To Have Or Have Not?


At some time in our life most of us will have the pleasure of experiencing headaches.


headache1Some of these headaches are brought on by the stress of life, specifically issues we may be dealing with, others can be brought on by decisions we make, relationships we have, foods we eat, lack of water or just unknown causes.  These headaches have many names tension, migraine, stress, menstrual, sinus , cluster or just headaches.  What  ever you call it the pain from these headaches can affect our productivity , our relationships  and any interactions that we may have that day.  Most likely they can ruin a day or make for what some call a bad day.


The traditional medical approach:

Most likely if you see your regular doctor the answer to your headaches will be found in some type of pill.  While it is true that some medications can relief the pain none of them can usually prevent a headache from occurring. If we don’t get a prescription medication then most people will take over the counter medication like Tylenol or Advil.  The only problem with this solution is that it never gets to the cause of the headache.  Do you think that the reason you get a headache is because your body has a Tylenol with codeine deficiency or Advil deficiency so by taking the medication you can restore the normal levels of Tylenol with codeine or Advil in your body?


80% of Headaches come from your neck!

Since 80% of headaches come from your neck it is reasonable that you should seek out treatment that addresses the cause.  Your neck is made up of 7 cervical vertebrae(bones) and any misalignment of those vertebrae along with irritation to the many cervical nerves can cause most headaches.  Getting chiropractic treatment should be your first choice to deal with headaches not your last.  By realigning the bones in your neck we can stop most of the irritation or inflammation the nerves and joints thereby reducing your headaches.  Often times chiropractic care can result in an immediate relief of those headaches.

 Next time you have a headache don’t reach for the pill bottle reach for the phone and see your chiropractor right away.

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