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Your body is controlled by your nervous system. Everything that happens in your body is dependent on how well your nervous system functions.  Chiropractic adjustments to your spine allow your body to harness its ability to run properly so first and foremost is good chiropractic care.  Certain minerals are also needed for your body and salt is a very important one.


 The Good:

Salt plays many roles in helping your body run properly.  Salt is a strong antihistamine, it is vital in helping to extract excess acid buildup in your brain cells which if not controlled may contribute to Alzheimer’s.  Salt is a strong anti -stress mineral in your body , it helps lower blood sugar levels, it is important for your kidney function.  Salt can also help lower blood pressure.  Salt also preserves the serotonin and melatonin levels in your brain very important for sleep and mood stabilization. Salt also helps to preserve muscle tone and strength.  Salt may also help with asthma.


What is Good Salt?himalyan pink sea salt

Any salt with color is usually good.  That means it has all the minerals in it.  Sea salt falls into that category.  Specifically Himalayan Pink Sea Salt- pink color ( has 84 trace minerals and helps lower blood pressure), other brands that are good include Celtic Sea Salt – greyish white color  or Redman’s Real Salt –pink color. It is the minerals combined with the sodium that make it healthy.


The Bad:

Unfortunately what you have probably heard is how bad salt is for you.  If you want to be healthy your body needs salt. Good salt does not raise your blood pressure it actually lowers blood pressure because it has magnesium and other minerals in it.  Your nervous system and the cells in your body require sodium to communicate properly.

The Ugly:

The ugly is plain white salt.  It is ugly because all of the minerals have been bleached out of it making it of very little use to your body.  Even sea salt that is white is not very good for you.


Pick up that salt shaker and salt away as long as pink salt comes pouring out. 


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